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Agro products, Powder Metallurgy, Aluminium Die Casting, Engineering.

Our vision
Mykhailo Onipchenko
Managing Director

Mykhailo has several years of marketing management in the food industry in international FMCG companies and general management of several own firms in Ukraine, Germany, Czech Republic. 


In Germany Mykhailo managed business development of a German engineering and construction company in Eastern Europe and Central Asia after which he lead a sales team at another well known technological engineering & construction-related B2B company.


Mykhailo has a university degree in Management, studied economics in Passau and marketing in the USA.

  • We proactively take responsibility upon ourselves and get things done. 

  • Changing ourselves, we change the world around us.

Our mission

  • We realize that together we can achieve much more than alone.

  • We are interdependent and working for a common goal. 

  • We inspire and support each others development. 

  • We are open and honest to each other, our clients, suppliers, partners, shareholders, state and society. 

  • We bravely embrace calculated risks and bear responsibility for our decisions. 

Wholesale Import Export in the EU

EuroExpert is an international trade and consulting company with the focus on imports to Germany from Ukraine, but also from other emerging markets.


Ukraine is an overlooked jewel of Europe being conveniently located within only 7h of drive from the Germany's border and yet offering the lowest labor- and energy-costs in Europe.


The recently signed Association & Free Trade Zone Agreement between Ukraine and the EU brings unification of laws, norms and lowers trade barriers.


All this makes production of certain goods in Ukraine much more competitive than elsewhere. We make use of it creating value for our clients and suppliers and bridging the gap between them.


About us

We are focused on the long-term result and win-win relations with our clients and suppliers and are always open for new clients and cooperation partners. Contact us right now! 

We engage in trade with Ukrainian honey and agricultural products for animal feed.

We carefully select quality suppliers from Ukraine and all over the world, consult them and overlook the product quality to deliver the most reliable and competitive conditions for our clients. 

Agro Products
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Our products porfolio

We inspire each other and provide a chance for self-realization, professional and personal development as well as decent remuneration tied to results. 

We see ourselves as a catalyst of synergetic unification of Europe, integrating the world into a more effective, fair and prosperous system. 

We unleash the potential of value creation for our clients by supporting their internationalization. Our goal is to deeply understand and consistently exceed our clients' expectations. 


We are an investment opportunity in building a more sustainable, fair and properous world, providing at the same time an attractive return on investement. 

Share holders

Our values

To boost competitiveness of our clients through reliable sourcing from foreign markets.